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    Footprint of 516-2185-ND digikey is not available in PartQuest.




      The footprint of 516-2185-ND is not available in the partquest . When I am downloading the file in PADSMaker, I am not getting the footprint.

      Is it possible to design the PCB without the footprint of the IC.


      Let me know.

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          In order to create the PCB Layout, you will need the footprint.  This can be created in Maker, created in PartQuest if the footprint maker supports the type of footprint the device has, downloaded from PartQuest if it is available, or you can request that the part information symbol/footprint be made for you.


          Regarding PartQuest, one way to know if there is a footprint and symbol available for a part is by looking next to the picture of the device.  If it has the symbol, highlighted in the picture below, then it has them.

          If that symbol is not present, which looks to be the case for the part you have mentioned, you can click the More button on the right most side of the window.  From there, there are options to create the symbol/footprint using a wizard if you click the Choose Symbol and Choose Footprint.

          You can also use the option to request the part be created for you by clicking the Request button.  This is free to you.

          I hope this information helps.

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