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    Calibre DRC/LVS commands to work on unmerged/raw shapes




      Is there a way i can identify raw shapes in Calibre DRC?.

      I have 2 M1 shapes abutting each other like shown below. I want output something like highlighted in red(i want to get 2 different shapes out of it) is it possible? Is there any command which identifies raw shapes?





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          Hi Venkatesh-


          Not much you can do directly.  However, if there is some distinguishing difference (different cells, perhaps, or one is coming in from IP) there are some options:

          • Create markers on different layers, and size those.  You can create markers with LAYOUT POLYGON, for example, or by deriving it as a combination of different layers. (This modifies the layout database.)
          • Give them different datatypes and use LAYER MAP to put them on different layers. (Just changes the rule file.)
          • If you have access to DESIGNrev (layout viewer) and the polygons are in different cells, the $L SIZE command... but apply carefully.