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    Hyperlink on Hierarchical Block enabled in pdf


      Hi everyone,


      we are going to start hierarchical designs in dxdesigner, using pads flow. Today I added a new property to my prp-file, called "BlockDocLink". My intention is to write some kind of documentation (e.g. a word-document) for a new created block and link this documentation to the symbol, so anyone who opens the pdf of the schematic can have a glance at this documentation. In general, this works fine, from within the dxdesigner I can select the block-symbol and follow the link.


      My problem is, that I can't get this Link to be exported during pdf-export. I know, I must select File --> Export --> pdf and enter the property containing the Link to the field "URL-Valued Properties:". With another Property (for linking Datasheets) this works fine. For testing, I entered the property "BlockDocLink" alone as "URL-Valued Properties:", with no result, the Property can not be selected in the pdf-viewer.


      Has anyone tried to do something like this before?


      Kind regards,



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          KBA mg28820 details "file links" that work in both DxDesigner & in the smart PDF output.

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            thank you for your reply. Some days ago, I came along the KBA mg28820., and I got hyperlinks working on schematic symbols; when exporting the schematics to a pdf, the relevant property "DataSheetLink" can be selected and the linked data sheet opens.


            My problem is now, that I want to add hyperlinks to hierarchical blocks, and use those links to a pdf. Creating new blocks isn't difficult to me, using them works fine too.

            In the pictures below the symbol "WLAN_Supply" represents a composite symbol / hierarchical block; below this block, a LDO is shown. Both symbols have the property "DataSheetLink" attached. On the left side, a snippet from the pdf is shown, as can be seen, the Link of the LDO can be selected; whereas the link on the hierarchical block cannot. On the right side, the snippet is taken from dxdesigner; the Link can be selected from within the dxdesigner and the document attached opens.



            I'm looking forward to hearing from you,



            kind regards,



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              Hey Georg;


              It appears that the link being clickable is tied to the LEVEL property...  If on the composite symbol I set it to STD, I get the working Datasheet link, however the crawler also stops so we don't  see anything under the composite symbol, which of course isn't what you want either.


              File an SR with Customer Support so we can get you linked up to a defect, we should have at least similar behavior on the PDF that we have in the original design when it comes to links.


              I also found an Idea that you should vote on. It doesn't fix your issue rather give a different method (which would keep the print cleaner) of having the path in the properties popup be clickable... DxPDF link in Context menu - D7271 -- it is under consideration which is a good sign.