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    Shorted Pins of Device in LVS


      Hello Everyone,


      I am new to lvs rule file creation and I have this problem pertaining to unrecognized nets in my layout device. It seems to me they are shorted out. Can anyone help me find out the problem in my code? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


      mact = RX AND T3

      mosact = mact CUT PC

      mgate = mosact AND PC

      egate = PC AND MV7V7

      sd_region = mosact OR PC


      DEVICE mos_dev mgate egate(G) sd_region(S) sd_region(D)


      Here are the errors in comparison results:


      Best Regards,


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          Hi Joeren,


          I think this line:


          sd_region = mosact OR PC


          may need to say this:


          sd_region = mosact NOT PC


          If that doesn't solve your issue, then we'll probably need to see your CONNECT set.


          Another thing of note is this:


          mgate = mosact AND PC


          Generally speaking, it's a good idea not to have connectivity on the device seed layer. It's not wrong to have it, but it's better to avoid it if possible. In this case, mgate is going to receive the connectivity (if any) of mosact. This is likely wrong. So you may want to write it this way:


          mgate = PC AND mosact



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