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    Part Quest into Layout without DX Designer?


      We use Layout without any integrated schematic tools (netlist imports). Is there a way to import Layout decals into PADS from Part Quest? Everything I have found uses DXDesigner as the import tool.

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          If you have a modern version of PADS Layout, yes this is supported!  The short answer is... Look under the Tools Menu for Import PartQuest Parts!


          The longer answer...

          1.  In the PartQuest website, click your name and go to your profile

          2. select "PADS Netlist without xDX Databook" as the current flow.

          3.  Download and install the PADS integration utility

          4. Restart your web browser and PADS

          5. Download a part. I tested with P1.0KBCTR-ND, double click the .pqz file to start it's extraction.

               5a  if prompted for a path, I create or use C:\PartQuest

          6.  From PADS Layout, Tools Import PartQuest parts.  You many need to browse to C:\PartQuest\PADS_NetList 
                   (C:\PartQuest was created in the previous step)

          7. The decal or footprint will import, you will need to create a part from the decal.


          Gary Lameris

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            Hi Gary,

            Where is the decal/footprint import to?

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              Typically C:\mentorgraphics\PADS Version\SDD_HOME\Libraries\ 

              The typical file name is PartQuest.pd9


              The location is specified in powerpcb.ini   For me this powerpcb.ini  is located at C:\mentorgraphics\PADSVX.2.4\SDD_HOME\Programs.

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                So I did this after installing the PartQuest utility and downloading a switch.  Layout simply responds with a waiting watch for a few seconds and then says "Import PartQuest part is finished". and there is nothing on the screen.


                Prior to this, I imported into Designer....which seemed to be successful.  However I was expecting to see the decal show up in the preview window.  Which it does not.  Apparently the decal must be imported separately within Layout?


                The goofy thing is, that now NO part decals will show up in the preview window anymore?  It was working before installing PartQuest?

                Also was not impressed with the symbol for the SPDT switch I downloaded.  Since when is a square box used to symbolize a SPDT switch?

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                  Interesting, what Mentor tools are you using and which version? 


                  If your using (Dx)Designer, the decal should also be imported into Layout automatically.,


                  Have you seen the startup videos PartQuest

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                    Things are working now, after some support assistance.  I don't know what the deal was with the Decal Preview not working for everything...when it was before.  For the PartQuest issue, for me it is a 3 step process.

                    1. Download .pqz part file.

                    2. Extract .pqz file.

                    3. Go to tool and "Import PartQuest Parts".  For symbol, use Designer.  For decal, use Layout.  I was improperly expecting the decal to pop onto the screen.  Obviously this won't do this in a design view.  You have to open the PartQuest Library to see it.