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    Reg :IBIS-AMI channel analysis



            I run the IBIS-AMI channel analysis with single & multi-board for PCIe Gen 2 signal. The following AMI models is used for simulation.




      lynx26_serdes.ibs, lynx26_pcie2_5p0g_tx.ami

      & Freescale_Lynx26_Tx.dll

      xilinx_k7_gtx_ami_rx.ibs, xilinx_k7_gtx_ami_rx.ami & xilinx_k7_gtx_ami_rx.dll

      5Gbps Bit rate considered for analysis

                         Schematic representation with single board

      Eye density  results as below.

                                                    Eye density                                                                                         


      schematic representation of same path with multi-board

      Eye density results as below.

                                                Eye density                                                                                    

      Same simulation parameters are used. Multi-board eye density is acceptable. But Individual board Eye density is not acceptable.

      Kindly clarify.

      Thanks in advance



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          S parameters can be tricky. Reflections can be tricky, too. IBIS-AMI models have many parameters that need to be optimized for each particular application. Questions of this nature can be handled with more depth and completeness via Mentor technical support. If you wish to engage Mentor technical support to fully resolve your questions please proceed to Mentor’s Support Center and open a service request on HyperLynx SI/PI. An experienced signal integrity engineer experienced with IBIS AMI models will contact you directly to help you more fully resolve these questions.