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      Hello there

      I'm struggling with setting up the drc-121 rules check.

      When I set it up like in the picture, for each Signal wich is connectet to a bus through a ripper, I get the error "Missing internal connection symbols on net".

      I have tried to add the bus ripper symbol to the "Intra/Inter-page connection symbol(s)", I've also tried to add the bus-name there, no difference.

      How can I set up DRC-121 that it will not show all of my busconnections as an error?

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          Does this Knowledge Base article help? https://support.mentor.com/en/knowledge-base/MG550907

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            Hi Eaton,

            Remember that you have to put the names of the symbols for the check to be successful.

            Like this

            Hope this helps


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              Thank you for your answer. This is clear to me.

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                Hello Matija

                Thank you for your answer.

                I've enabled the "Use Link-symbols as Intra-page and Inter-page symbols" which works fine for all the linked nets (See 2nd picture).

                The problem only exists for nets which are connectet through a bus over multipe pages.

                It seems that the Designer expects a Inter-page symbol, for a net from a bus, connected over multiple sheets???

                Then my idea was to add the ripper symbol to help me out.

                I use the builtin:ripper which I have defined in the Special component setup. Does I have to do

                something like this? ( Does not help)

                For me it seems to be a problem with the ripper symbol or a missing bus configuration?

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                  Hello Eaton,

                  Note that the symbols to put in the intra-page and Inter-page connections are not the ripper, but the symbols you use to connect signals across pages, and across the same page.

                  The ripper has no place in this two lines.

                  The error you get is that the tool will connect signals on two different pages by name, and will notice that there is no inter-page symbols on the schematic.

                  In my example builtin:intrasheet.1 (notice the full name with number at the end) is a symbol for signals that are connected IN the same page with the same name using a intrasheet symbol.


                  The builtin:insheet.1builtin:offsheet.1builtin:bisheet.1 are symbols used to connect a signal/bus from one page to the other respecting the flow of the signal. in - the signal comes from another sheet and enters the sheet. off - the signal leaves this sheet and goes on other pages. And bi - the signal has both directions, and goes and comes to this page from other pages.

                  IF you rip a signal on one page and your bus goes to another page where it gets ripped again, then the two busses must be connected with the in/off/bisheet symbols.


                  Try it out. and post a picture on how the buses go from one page to the other.


                  Hope this helps


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                    Hello Matija

                    Now I get what you wanted to tell me.


                    Bussed behave like common nets and have to be connected with an intra/inter-page connection symbol.

                    The DS_TOUCH bus connects on different pages. At the moment I have no inter page symbol added to the bus.

                    Now I understand that when I do like this, the ripped signals are connected by name.


                    When I want to connect them correctly I have to do something like this:

                    The DS_TOUCH bus connects from page 21 to page 19.

                    I can see that the errors for this bus are gone now.


                    Thank you very much

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                      Hello Eaton,

                      Glad you sorted it.

                      Thanks for your feedback.