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    PADS Router doesn't remember floating windows


      Hi all,


      For some reason, PADS Router doesn't remember my re-positioned floating windows: Every time I start the program, it panelizes all of the window panes and I have to re-float and re-position the windows.


      PADS Designer and PADS Layout don't have this issue: Those programs remember the locations of my floating windows.


      Any ideas?


      BTW, I'm running VX.2.4.

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          Weird. It works fine for me:

          1) Placing menus

          2) Close PADS Router and restart. The menus are in same position.


          This information is saved in the registry database. I have seen this can get corrupted.

          You can try open registry editor and delete the HKCU\Software\Mentor Graphics\PADSVX_2_4\PADS Router\Workspaces\ setting

          This will erase all your userdefined GUI customizations incl. shortcuts and more. It will set PADS Router back to the default setting.

          BUT - be careful if you are not used to mess around with this registry.

          Then you can reopen PADS Router and move some menus around and see if it now can remember the settings?




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            Thanks for your reply, but I'm not referring to the toolbars... I'm talking about the Output, Spreadsheet, and Navigation windows.


            I have a two monitor setup and I float the Output, Spreadsheet, and Navigation windows to one monitor while having the main layout on the other monitor. BUT when I close the PADS Router and reopen it at a later time, those three windows are all docked under the main layout. This does not happen when I'm using Designer or Layout, only the Router.

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              I have just one monitor on the computer where I am running VX.2.4.

              I have tried floating both the navigation and Output window.

              When I restart PADS Router the placement is remembered. So it seems to be working.

              But again - this is only for a one monitor system.

              I have not tried on dual monitor system.