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    PADS VX.2.4, how is it?


      I see that PADS VX.2.4 has been out long enough now for Mentor to have released Update 1 for it. If anybody has been using PADS VX.2.4, I'd be interested to your thoughts about it, positive, negative or neutral.


      I'm still using PADS VX.2.2 (Update 10 now), and decided some time ago not to go to VX.2.3 due to a number of issues. For example, for some reason if legacy symbols in PADS Designer (DxDesigner) had a "Forward to PCB" property with a value of False, VX.2.3 acted like "Part List Exclude" had suddenly also become True for that symbol. This affected how VX.2.3 treated heatsinks, screws, batteries and other mechanical items on the schematic that were meant for the BOM only. That issue plus others related to PADS Layout's DRC checker caused me to stay with VX.2.2.


      Now VX.2.4 is out and I think with Update 1 this issue as well as others may have been fixed. I expect I'll be trying it out soon. Anybody on this forum using it? What do you think of it?

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          I see there is an issue DR/ER #: 01352342  with control of unused pads. See here for discussion. Yahoo! Groups


          I am having issue with the New search window not highlighting/selecting items in the search window when selecting. UPDATE2((There is an attribute "ComponentTracking in the dbc that now controls cross probing. In VX.2 it had no effect.


          There is also the hide nets issue.Unable to hide "Name" on Nets since VX.2.4

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            Same question here. We are with VX 2.2 too.


            1) Is VX2.4 a stable release? The last thing we want to do is to upgrade to a version that will have to be upgraded again soon, because we have a whole team using the same version. It is just not worth the time doing it.


            2) Me experience shows once a PADS Designer VX 2.2 project is opened by VX 2.4, it will no longer be opened by VX 2.2. Can someone confirm the backward compatibility?




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              I have never known DxD to be backwards compatible, I believe since ViewDraw when it got it start.  As soon as you open a design in a newer version you can't go back.  Version control comes in really handy to recover from that. 


              I first checked out ViewDraw in 1993 or 1994 and thought it was pretty cutting edge at the time...  I can't believe DxD still looks and operates the same way.

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                That's not my recollection. ViewDraw used to be ASCII text files under the SCH directory, and those loaded fine for me on newer or older versions of ViewDraw. Then ViewDraw became eProduct Designer and later DxDesigner, and I was still able to load newer ASCII-file schematics in the older versions of the tool.


                When DxDesigner became an encrypted binary database, then I believe backwards compatibility was lost.

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                  Correct, once a project is opened by VX.2.3 or later, then you cannot open it in VX.2.2.

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                    even updates are not backward compatible ...

                    if you have 2.3 update 10, someone else that have 2.3 no update cannot even open it..it's insane .. and update can be rolled out often (up to 20+ ) for a version ...so we decide to not doing update ...unless the particular update fix a show stopper bug


                    we moved to 2.4 ..and they have introduced some annoyed bug ... I don't think there will be any version without bug so we just live with it and find some work around ... that' why automation is very handy


                    2.5 is out now to fix some reported bug... and I'm expecting some other new bugs ... at different places ...

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                      Agree with hitec100 on when back compatibility changed, however would have to say when I was learning Viewdraw back around that time frame I wouldn't agree it was cutting edge, I sat in the training class with numerous disruptions from people complaining about

                      not being backwards compatible to the very first piece of code ever written for this product. Teacher finally had to say no more or your out.

                      My take away from class, tool was still archaic still did not have quite a few features and functions numerous other tools had.

                      Probably because had to stay backwards compatible to day one code.

                      I would think it's pretty hard to develop cutting edge new features when your hands are tied like that.

                      But some other tools do allow saving to much much older versions but of course you lose any features the old tool didn't have.

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                        Thanks. I am shocked that backward compatibility is not even possible for the updates. With new updates being rolled out from month to month, I have no confidence at any new VX or updates until they would call it final.

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                          Does anyone know if the licensing has changed for the PADS DxDesigner/Logic to PADS Layout flow VX.2.4 ?

                          We are still on VX.1.0 with Mobile Compute(Node-Locked) and Network/Floating licencing configured.

                          I heard the "Node Locked" may have been removed...is that correct?

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                            No, that is not correct -- node-locked licenses are still supported.