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    TLA Extractor - CAMCAD Integration Code Review


      This paper describes TLA Extractor from a developers point  of view.


      TLA Extractor is a VB.NET utility created to integrate with CAMCAD (and  ccEditor.ocx) and mine data. Then the data is written to a report used with the  TLA awards design competition.


      This paper would be helpful for anyone who wants to learn more about using CAMCAD APIs to create any sort of custom report.


      Here is the link to the paper on Supportnet:



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          Hi Chris,

          How to translate Allegro data(Extracted data) into . XML data in batch mode?



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            Hi Yanfeng,

            The Allegro "Extract" utility converts the binary .brd design file into one or more ASCII output files. It does this using a script file, that tells the Extract routine how to generate the file(s), what the field order should be, etc...


            From my experience, the ASCII files produced by this method are all bang-delimited (exclamation point delimited). CAMCAD ships with a sample Cadence Allegro design produced by the Extract utility. The CAMCAD importable extract data consists of four files, all of which together make up a single design: brd.txt, pad.txt, rte.txt, sym.txt.


            Here is what the brd.txt file looks like:


            J!C:\valexmpl\allegro.brd!Mon Jun 08 10:52:48 1998!-9150.00!-12575.00!26850.00!11425.00!0.01!mils!!47.2 mil!6!UP TO DATE!
            S!0!!!!NO!1.000000000000e+00!0 mho/cm!AIR!!0.00027 w/cm-degC!0 mil!
            S!1!TOP!POSITIVE!!YES!!595900 mho/cm!COPPER!NO!3.98 w/cm-degC!1.2 mil!
            S!2!!!!NO!4.500000000000e+00!0 mho/cm!FR-4!!0.012 w/cm-degC!8 mil!
            S!3!SIG1!POSITIVE!EMBEDDED_PLANE!YES!!595900 mho/cm!COPPER!YES!3.98 w/cm-degC!1.2 mil!
            S!4!!!!NO!4.500000000000e+00!0 mho/cm!FR-4!!0.012 w/cm-degC!8 mil!
            S!5!GND!NEGATIVE!!YES!!595900 mho/cm!COPPER!NO!3.98 w/cm-degC!1.2 mil!
            S!6!!!!NO!4.500000000000e+00!0 mho/cm!FR-4!!0.012 w/cm-degC!8 mil!
            S!7!VCC!NEGATIVE!!YES!!595900 mho/cm!COPPER!NO!3.98 w/cm-degC!1.2 mil!
            S!8!!!!NO!4.500000000000e+00!0 mho/cm!FR-4!!0.012 w/cm-degC!8 mil!
            S!9!SIG2!NEGATIVE!EMBEDDED_PLANE!YES!!595900 mho/cm!COPPER!YES!3.98 w/cm-degC!1.2 mil!
            S!10!!!!NO!4.500000000000e+00!0 mho/cm!FR-4!!0.012 w/cm-degC!8 mil!
            S!11!BOTTOM!POSITIVE!!YES!!595900 mho/cm!COPPER!NO!3.98 w/cm-degC!1.2 mil!
            S!12!!!!NO!1.000000000000e+00!0 mho/cm!AIR!!0.00027 w/cm-degC!0 mil!


            The other files are bang-delimited as well, but have different fields than the above.


            So to restate your question: How can a user translate bang-delimited ASCII data (or generally, any ASCII data that has some sort of field separator character, like comma separated or tab separated) into XML? This is quite a general question. A quick search on Google for "delimited to xml" results in several million pages. I'm certain in those results are utilities for such conversion as well as tips and techniques for doing it on your own. However I unfortunately do not have any example code I've written myself for such a conversion.


            If your question is general and not specific to TLA Extractor, perhaps starting a new discussion or question thread would be more appropriate and you may get additional feedback.


            Good luck,


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              Hi Chris,

              I just wanna know how to use script to invoke CAMCAD to load those data files extracted from Allegro and save it to ccz file.


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                Ah okay. I will start a new discussion for this question as it does not involve tla extractor.


                New discussion here: