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    CMGR need to import separately



      Good day


      I am initial stage in HLDRC, So i ask the question some time is .

      o k .,,, come to the point I am allegro user I have the board file, when i import .brd file its automatically take constraint manager from the board or i need to import separately.

      If automatically take from the board file means Net Classes, Diff pair, Length matching everything come properly or need to setup additional changes..



      mareeswaran K

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          Some of the information is translated, but not all. Information such as net classes should be translated into DRC in order to create the same groups of nets in DRC, but the constraints associated with classes is not. Those constraint values might align with rule parameters in DRC or they might not. You need to determine appropriate parameter values for the rules that you run in DRC.


          Differential pairs are defined by settings in the menu Setup > Options... (page) Differential pairs.

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