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    Is Variant Manager losing data?


      Hi there!

      We are currently noticing some strange behaviour when working with variants in PADS Designer.

      From time to time variant information gets dropped. Random parts lose their placement assignment and reset to "placed" or vice versa. However untouched (never assigned) parts remain unchanged.

      We do not know yet when this is happening though.

      I welcome any feedback.


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          Hallo Fabian,

          Mir fallen auf Anhieb 3 Möglichkeiten ein. Wir arbeiten zwar mit Xpedition Designer, aber der ist nahezu gleich. 1) Wenn man Symbole tauscht (Symbol replace), und 2) wenn - man das Feature nutzt: "Replace Part", und 3) - evtl durch eine Backannotation vom Layout. Aber da bin ich mir nicht sicher. Da gibt es auch noch eine Setupeinstellung im Designer, wer im Zweifelsfalle gewinnt.


          3 ideas when Mentor-VM forget Component states: (from own experience)

          1) Symbol Replacement

          2) Mentors Standard Replace Part Feature

          3) And maybe a Back-Annotation when in Designer Settings "BA wins" was set.

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            Hi Fabian,

            I haven't noticed any problems with part placements but I have seen many examples of the Title Block Definition text being lost. This would occur randomly and was something which i could never replicate. I haven't noticed this happen for a while now so hopefully it has been fixed

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              Having a closer look on back annotation is a very good hint.

              Nevertheless it would not explain why there are sometimes variant definitions which were never saved in the first place!

              Am I wrong?

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                Actually, I have  experienced that Variant Manager is loosing data, is not a solid tool.

                When use with a small board could help, but used in a complex board is dangerous.


                Take care when using it.

                Good luck.