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    User defined key bindings


      Hello all,


      is it possible to create a file with user defined key bindings which I could import when I am working on the schematics? Currently there is only a general company wide file which I can not change.


      Thank you.




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          You can copy exped_wvo.vbs from the corporate WDIR or %SDD_HOME%\standard\ to you local WDIR folder and it will then use that script.
          (Note: if 'Xpedition Style Keybindings' is disabled in setup > setting > advanced it will use vdbindings.vbs instead)

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            Thank you for the hint.


            Do I have to put the file in a specific subfolder in my local WDIR?

            I have copied the file and adjusted for example the push function to p instead of h.

            I did the same for the vdbindings.vbs, just to be sure. It is not working.


            What about workspaces: Can I copy those to my local WDIR, too? Subfolder needed?

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              It has to be placed in the first folder specified in the WDIR environmental variable as the priotity is from left to right.

              Note that VX versions have a seperate variable for each version (to support side by side installs) where before VX it is WDIR

              for example:

              EEVX.2.1: WDIR_EEVX_2_1=C:\MGC\WDIR\EEVX.2.1;\\server\wdir )

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                I have tried it and in my opinion everything should be in the correct location. I have added some screenshots to show the current situation. The keybinding is not updated.


                EEVX.2_000008.pngEnvironment Variables_000007.png


                Am I missing something here? Is there a log I can check for error messages or anything in this regard?

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                  not sure what could be wrong but a way to test if the wdir variable is working is to create a new script file (e.g. test.vbs) in your local WDIR folder and add the code:

                  msgbox "script ok"


                  Then in the xDx designer command line do the command:

                  run test.vbs

                  (might need to enable it with view → toolbars → command line)


                  It should then show the msgbox (if no folder is specified it will seach in the project directory and then WDIR folders for the script)

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                    I found in another thread a hint and after running "system" and afterwards "vlwhich test.vbs" it tells me the file couldn't be found in the WDIR paths. And it is showing them to me. It is strange that they are different then the system WDIR variable.




                    Can I correct this somehow? I thought the it should be the same.

                    DxDesigner is using something different for WDIR. In advanced system settings (Windows) it is WDIR_EEVX_2 and not simply WDIR.

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                      Strange, for me the vlwhich test.vbs works
                      Maybe there is also an WDIR_EEVX_2 user variable? (takes priority over the system variable)

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                        If you launch Dashboard there is a node on the Folders pane that will list the WDIR paths.

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                          Well, that doesn't match either. Additionally we are using a custom dashboard programed for our company.


                          This is from the Mentor Dasboard:


                          System -> echo %WDIR_EEVX_2%:



                          Any other ideas?