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Setting pin direction on connectors & FPGAs overriding bidi defaults for DRC checks

Question asked by mives on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by jleine

How can I set pin directions in a DxDesigner schematic to get DRCs working on pins that are set to bidi in the part library?

Connectors and FPGAs typically have IOs set to bidi in the part library. However, for a particular schematic a number of these pins will be outputs or inputs only. How can the directions be changed so that I can verify, for example, that two outputs are not driving the same net?


In the old classic Mentor schematic capture tool we could put down input or output on/off page symbols and the DRC check would use those to determine signal direction on that page and report pin direction errors such as multiple outputs driving the same net. Can I do something similar in DxD?