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Variant Manager substitution question.

Question asked by steve_bonacci on Jul 10, 2019

Can Variant Manager be used to substitute parts that have pins swapped?


I've never used VM for this but I'm working on a design where a previous designer had a local reuse block (four instances) that included an RF isolator. These are three pin devices where pin 3 (body) is ground. They come in two options; CW & CCW, so pins 1 & 2 are swapped. The blocks all have one version but VM was used to change two instances to the other.


Since I'm in a different location, I don't know who the designer was (yet), and looking at the layout, I think they may have edited two parts locally to flip the pins since the schematic is wired the same for all four. Two of them are mirrored so they have to be reversed (PA design).


I would have made two separate reuse blocks instead to have the proper schematic symbol and avoid issues but before I suggest changing anything, I'd like to know if this is a supported feature and should work okay.