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Problem with Drag and Drop PartQuest - VX.2.7

Question asked by a_gil_nnszo on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2020 by a_gil_nnszo

Hi, I am new in this forum and also new in the Mentor PADS Professional Environment, so please forgive me if I place the question about my problem in the wrong place.


I want to use the drag-and-drop from PartQuest option included in PADS Pro Designer VX.2.7. Everytime I do it the same error appears:

If I try to use Tools->Import Part Quest, when I try to load and already downloaded QuestPart EDX, also the same error message appears:
PartQuest Parts import error: "C:\PartQuest Library\PQDownload_200625_070540476.edx" - General error
I have also tried to import the EDX file from PADS Library Tools Application, then I dont get any error but no parts or symbols are added to any partition.
I have followed all the steps shown in PartQuest docu, and defined PADS Professional VX2.7 and later as current flow. 
Related to PADS Professional installation I did nothing but the steps defined in the quick Start guide (install related release version and include license file). Dont know if if maybe I need to configure something else in order to be able to import EDX from PartQuest.
Any help will be appreciated, thanks a lot and regards.
Alejandro Gil