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    Problem hiding/showing cross references


      I have a problem hiding/showing cross references in my wiring designs.


      At some wires, when choosing `hide' or `show' (from right mouse click menu), the cross reference does not show up any more.


      Other wires (even in same diagram) do not have that problem.


      `Shift-A' at a selected wire does not have any effect.

      The wire's only have 2 `parts' (one cross reference)


      Is there a solution?

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          I'm not certain, but I wonder whether the problem is that the cross-reference text has somehow become placed a long way from the wire end. In other words, it may be being displayed, but you just can't find where it is. (Note that I don't think styling controls cross-references yet which is why Ctrl-A doesn't work).


          If this is the case, there are a couple of things you could do to locate the text:

          1. Right-mouse on the off-page symbol and select Properties. On this dialog, go to the cross-references tab. Set the font height to be very large (eg 10 times larger than the default). Now, when you toggle the hide/show on the right mouse context menu, the text should be visible even when you zoom out.

          2. Alternatively, you can add an extension onto the end of the wire. Select the add wire action from the toolbar. Start a wire from the off-page symbol of the original wire and finish this new wire a few grid points away. This should create a new off-page symbol and reset the cross-reference text.




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            Hi Simon,


            Your suggestions 1 and 2 do not work.

            When I add an extention to the line, a splice is automatically created. The cross reference to the other wire still excists.


            When deleting one of the two wires that are `crossrefed' and redrawing one, the problem still excists.


            The problem is solved when totally deleting the wires, and redrawing them, but that is the same as drawing a new wire.

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              Hi Bouewijn,


              Is the problem related to the "home condition" for the wire ?  When you place the very first instance of a wire it has "home condition" set as true, all other instances of a wire will reference this.  However, if during your design you deleted the first instance then none of the other wires will have a x-ref (I think this is what you are seeing).


              You can fix this by selecting one of the wire instances and RMB "set home condition".


              Let me know if this works,




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                Hi Nuri, your solution works!

                I had tried it before with no result, but recently I updated my version of VeSys with SP0908, and now the cross references come back.


                Now I have an other problem: the `chevrons' are displayed in the wrong direction. Please see images below:




                I tried to rotate them, but no result. Rotating the text does not work either.

                Do you have a solution?

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                  hi Boudewijin


                  i am having the same problem as well but I am not able to download the SP0908 patch. If its possibel could you please send me this patch as an attachment.





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                    Hi Boudewijn,

                    This probably has something to do with the way you first instantiated the wire (starting at the top vs. bottom, or left vs. right then rotated the ends), unfortunately there is probably little that can be done right now - however for VeSys 2.0 v2009.1 we have implemented cross-referencing as part of the VeSys 2.0 Design "Style" so this should address your requirements.

                    Kind Regards,


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                      I had this same issue with cross-references and installed the patch but now Vesys wont load! I get the error "VESYS_HOME has not been set as either an environment or a startup argument". Please help!

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                        What version are you using?  The thread was created at 2009.1, but VeSys 2.0 has had several major itterations since then (2010.1, 2010.2 plus regular service packs).  By the sounds of things, you might need to raise a service request.

                        Kind Regards,