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    Simulation of Migrated Data


      I've migrated a full vehicle set of schematics into VeSys Design 2.0 but have a problem with the simulation, every time the simluation is run I get an Out Of Memory Error Detected (see below).


      Out Of Memory Error Detected.gif


      Has anyone else had this error and does anyone have an idea if moving each sheet to a different design will help?  I currently have all of my

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          Have you tried allocating more memory to VeSys? try adding -Xmx1024m to the command line in the shortcut.


          Other than that, splitting your design into multiple designs may help if you are only interested in simulating specific parts at a time so the tool only needs to load the designs it needs into memory. This can all be controlled by setting up an Analysis build list and setting it active.



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            Send me a copy of your design... I will try it from my side.




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              So that command line modification will mean the software can use 1024Mb?  Is there a reason why there is a limit to the amount of memory required, will VeSys 2.0 not take as much memory as is required (up until the physical memory limit)?


              I did try the simulation after importing so as I think you mentioned in an earlier post some of my system ram may not have been freed up after this import and so I'll try all of your suggestions.


              In some instances we could get away with simulating a limited area of the vehicle but requirement would be rare, in most cases we need to do full vehicle simulation because we need to see the full impact of changes or new circuits we have included in the design.  For example having the lights switched on and locking the doors and moving 4 electric windows may inadvertantly overload a main power fuse and so the only way to detect these problems is in a fulll vehicle simulation mode.

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                Hi Dave,


                Previously I ran the simulation and it ran out of memory, this week I have tried to test it further and I get the following error message:


                I think I have run the simulation tool and this is reported message:

                Error 2.gif


                Any ideas on what I can do to resolve this?

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                  Hi Nuri,


                  Thanks for testing this for me, I've tried it on another machine and that too runs out of memory.  I think you mentioned that your machine has 3 or 4Gb of Ram whereas the 2 test machines I have used have 2Gb of memory, unfortunately these are the best machines I can use at the moment but I'd like to determine whether or not this is a memory issue.  The specifications for the two test machines are much higher than the customer whose drawings we are testing and so I'm hoping it is something wrong with our setup rather than a requirement of >2Gb of Ram.

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                    Sorry Dave one more question....


                    When migrating a VeSys Classic schematic over to VeSys 2.0 will all of the standard VeSys Classic Devices such as Lamps, Motors, etc. automatically have an analysis model attached or are there some additional steps required post migration?

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                      Have you hibernated your PC ?  I would  try Stop&Start of the VeSys 2.0 Manager Service.




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                        I've never seen VeSys.exe consume more than 600M so 2GB of RAM should be more than enough.




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                          Hi Nuri,


                          Not that I'm aware of, I've tried stopping/starting the services and I initially get a all I get is this:




                          Then afterward I get the other messages previously posted.