Blink Selection for highlighted parts, refdes, or even also measurement lines in result file?

Poll created by agmach on Sep 4, 2018

Hello MSS Process Preparation folks,


whats about a button which activates the highlighted area, part, mentioned item in the view for a blinking action,

so that the users in front of the window can find easier what they wanna have on their focus?


By the way the measurement lines in the result window of MSS Process Preparation, are very vague to recognize!

The two attached 2 pictures shows impressive what i mean.....the "light gray line" is not a good visible mark!


visECAD has this socalled blink selection for all features....also for traces, landings, holes, etc.


This speeds up "the what is marked process"  in a really good way, and if anybody does not want that anything is blinking

like a christmas tree, just turn the button of.


Working sometimes with it, you never wanna miss it again  ;-)






P.S.: Sorry i cannot select the right area: MSS Process Preparation;  maybe anybody of the Mentor Ideas Admins can move it to the right one?

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