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    New project configuration


      Hi Everyone,


      I am evaluating the Codebench Sourcery ARM, I'm used to using the Freescale CodeWarrior which creates the project with all the configuration files to use as the target microcontroller, the Sourcery Codebench this is not so!

      - What would be the way to start and configure a project from scratch with any microcontroller.?

      - In particular I'm using the K60 Kinetis MK60DN256ZVLL10 and do not understand how to set up a project from scratch, can give some standard guidelines for this?



      Carlos Pichardo Viuque

      Manicato Group

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          You will find details on how to create and configure a project in the Getting Started Guide which is installed with CodeBench.  The document includes a section on using CodeBench's Board Builder tool to create custom board files for boards that are not explicitly listed in the the Project Wizard board selector, For a video based walkthrough of how CodeBench is used to start working with bare metal targets please check out  http://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-3031.


          Note that evaluation customers are entitled to 30 days of free support.  For more help with CodeBench usage, please feel free to log into the Sourcery Support Portal https://sourcery.mentor.com/GNUToolchain and click the "Get Help" button next to the subscription of interest to open a support ticket.