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    Connection view during move


      Hello all.


      Can anyone ask me if there is a way to disable connection (rat's nest ) view during moving of an object?


      I try to explain it better:

      when I move a capacitor, for example, PADS Router show all rat's nest that are connected to the GND pad. It slows down my PC and I can't work fine. My connection are black colored in the Display Color settings tab and in the Nets view i check out the flag "None" to unroutes view setting for all nets.

      Thank you all in advance for help!

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          David Ricketts

          You're close. Highlight those the nets you don't want to see during a move in the View List, then uncheck the box: "Traces Plus the Following Unroutes". This will disable the selected ratsnests during a move, but you also won't to be able to see any existing routes. So this technique is best used during initial placement before routing, but it can be done later if you want. I always assign colors to these nets, so their connections are easy to visualize without a ratsnest.


          It is also easy to forget this has been set up, and when you do start routing, you (and by you, I mean me, I forget all the time) you'll wonder why you can't see the traces and vias you know you just routed and added. So then you go back and check the box you unchecked earlier.


          As for the slowing your computer up part, you could instead change the Routing Topology of the biggest nets to "Protected" using the Setup/Design Rules.This will eliminate most of the recalculation time you're experiencing, but it is a workaround in the sense that when you make the ratsnests visible for the large nets, it will be a tangled mess. You'll have to change the topology again if you want them minimized.

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            Thank u for help!


            It works fine for me keeping protected topology for nets who have a large number of connection ( e.g. GND or Power ).


            I'm working to a routed PCB and change net visibility for any move action is not a practice idea!!!

            At the end, when i finish work, I'll rechange this setting.


            Have a nice day!