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ERROR: Illegal physical netname

Question asked by dcg on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2012 by michal_ferdek

I have translated a design from Design Capture to DxDesigner, all went well and no errors.

when I package this design I get:



ERROR: Illegal physical netname  '+12V,+12V_AN,+12V_AN_TR,+3V3,+48V,+48V_RETURN,+5V,+5V_AN,GND,XCMP1425,XCMP1426,XCMP1582,XCMP1583,XCMP2345,XCMP2347,XCMP2365,XCMP2366,XCMP2367,XCMP2368,XCMP2369,XCMP2370,XCMP3221,XCMP3226,XCMP3227,XCMP3228,XCMP500,XCMP834,XCMP835,XCMP857,XCMP858,XCMP859'.

Errors encountered  while reading the Common Data Base.


I also can not add anything to the special components "Power" only the "Port_IN", this is probably related - any suggestions on where to go from here?