Valor NPI version 9.3 released

Discussion created by max_clark on Sep 6, 2012
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About a week ago Mentor released Valor NPI version 9.3.  The version  is also included in the release of Expedition Enterprise version 7.9.4.


This release of Valor NPI includes continued improvements to the  existing NPI platform and completely new capabilities to satisfy a  number of new product introduction requirements, among them:


  • Introduces a new Assembly Panel Design module to lower manufacturing  costs and reduce errors by eliminating ambiguous assembly panel  documentation.
  • Implements a reliable and repeatable automated method for managing manufacturing output.
  • Provides an improved method for managing the addition of attributes to a product model.
  • During hazards review, enables Expedition users view more layer content.
  • New checklist management capabilities can be found directly within the MRA.
  • Enables the automated collection of product model related “metacontent”.
  • Delivers improvement to the ODB++ Viewer included with Valor NPI.
  • Implementation of mouse strokes similar to those as found in Expedition.


More information pertaining to each of the items can be found on  SupportNet under the “What’s New” document located on the version  download page.  There are also over 90 other corrections or improvements  listed within the release notes.  Please install the new version and  begin benefiting from this today!