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    Which pin type to use?


      I realize it probably doesn't make a lot of difference, but I have often wondered,  what DxDesigner pin-type should be used on connector pins? It seems the choice would be between bi-directional and analog. I'm leaning more towards analog, but it seems the default here has always been to use bidir as the generic "don't care" type for pins. Our Dx lib is a conversion from DC, and I don't think "analog" was a choice there, maybe that's why bidir seems to be the one used the most?


      Anyone have an educated guess as to which type would be most proper for a connector?




      Tom D.


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          I recommend using Analog pin types for connector pins.  The primary implication of pin types is seen in Tools > Verify where the design rule checks evaluate the pin types found on a net to determine if the net is constructed properly.  The Analog pin type is treated as a non-driving pin (i.e., neither an input nor an output).  If you choose Bidir, then the pin is treated alternately as a driver and a receiver.ope


          I hope this is helpful to you.