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    Pads viewer issue


      Dear All,


        I am a now user in PADS and want to learn how to use this software in my job. I download PADS viewer to check old project. Than I find I can not see the copper in power or ground layer. I start to search in the internet. Some website say it need to choose Tools-->Pour Manager-->Plane connect. I can see the item in the diagram but I cann't open Plane connect item. Could anyone help me to deal with this problem.


      Thanks! kevin 

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          Hi Kevin,


          I've moved your question to the PADS Layout community where you are more likely to get a quick response. Installed with your software is an Evaluation Guide that will help you get started with PADS.


          Best regards,


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            Go ahead and hit Start with 'hatch all' selected and see if they show up.


            This is configuration I haven't seen before.  Typically either the Copper Pours are defined or the Planes are defined, and both are grayed out in your design.  maybe there is a way to do a hatch only that I've never used.

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              Dear Sir,


              Thanks for your reply. Could it possible cause by PADS "viewer" version? I try to reinstall software again but it still not work! By the way there is nothing chenge when I pick start in the hatch diagram.



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                This is still odd.  Can you post the design?  If so we the users might be able to help, if not you'll probably have to put in a service request with Mentor so they can see what is going on.


                Go to <Setup><Layer Definition>.  This shows how each layer is defined.  Are some layers showing a 'P' prefix (i.e. 2 PL V Ground)?  If so then these are defined as CAM planes and will show up in PADS as a negative; you'll probably only see thermals for thru hole parts on these layers.


                Can you regenerate the Gerber plots and get the proper data?  If so then everything is correct and this is still part of the learning curve.


                Good luck.

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                  Also, I'm not sure abou the 'viewer'.  Install the full PADS software.  When it doesn't have the license set up it is a fully functional viewer.

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                    The PADS Viewer is limited to hatching existing flood data. If the PCB file was not previously flooded and the settings were not defined to retain the hatch data the Viewer will be unable to display the flood. The user that originally created the PCB file should flood all the copper pours and split planes first. For split planes, the original user would also need to go to Tools > Options >Split/Mixed Plane and set the radio button to "All Plane Data" under the "Save to PCB File" section before saving the PCB file.

                    With this set, the user with  the PCBViewer can open the PCB file and go to Tools  > Pour  Manager > Hatch, select the Hatch All radio button and  click Start.

                    This will fill in the flood data exactly as the previous user had created it.