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Difference between stuck high and stuck low

Question asked by sudhagar_k on Sep 13, 2012
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     Am using hyperlynx 8.0. As per my understanding,when i assign "stuck low'  to a  victim net in crosstalk analysis,it means that the victim net should be(in ideal case) zero.But due to crosstalk it will pick up some noise. Now what am confused is why would we use "stuck high",i dont understand the point in simulating for the nominal voltage and seeing how much noise it will pick up,definetly the noise should be the same i.e for ex am using a 3.3LVTTL line as victim. In stuck low mode,the ideal voltage should be zero but it picks up "X"mV as noise,while in stuck high mode the ideal voltage should be 3.3V but it should be "3.3+0.X" V.


But in simulation during stuck low mode,am seeing a noise of nearly 240mV. But in stuck high mode,for the same scenario,the maximum voltage is 3.53.


Kindly advise on the difference .