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Hi All,


               I have a 3 single end (3.3V LVTTL )nets placed at a distance of 7.8mils(almost 8mils). The center net(victim net) is operating @1MHz while the two adjacent aggressor nets are soperating @ 50MHz. DUring crosstalk analysis the center net is picking some noise in the range of 3.6V which is actually the maximum allowable voltage level.

                   Now as we know 50MHz is a very low frequecny,also the nets are spaced for almost 8 mils then i dont find any good reason for the cross talk to take place.

                    Also all the three nets are on the same plane, so theoratically, in inductive coupling the negative overshoot should be more in contrast of what am observing as positive overshoot.


                    Kindly explain.