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Adding extra (graphical) layers to enable cells to behave when pushed

Question asked by phil.langston on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by yu.yanfeng

Over time we have had to add graphical layers into our cells to create a different option of SRP. When pushing the cell to the opposite side, we have also had to 'replace' the cell to an equivalent bottom side option, one with a different graphical layer. I believe it's possible to set up the Library (within the padsatck tab I assume) to have layers that are 'pushable' (other than the normal cu, srp and paste), therefore we could have only one cell per part number. For example, 'user layer 66' for topside, would become 'user layer 67' when cell on bottomside. At present I'm at a loss to how to recall how this is done - any help appreciated.