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How do you manage your jobs?

Question asked by lpaul on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2012 by MikeD

If I want to make a copy of an existing design, changing the name of the both the PCB object and the design container, Mentor's Job Managment Wizard seems to be a two step process. I need to copy the project to a new name and location. I then need to rename the pcb object in the new container to match the name of the project.


It looks like there's funationality for a project to support multiple designs or multiple pcb objects. How are you leveraging this feature?


We've historically have had a seperate design container for design design revision. I imagine some projects would get overly large if we tried to maintain multiple design revisions in a common project. However, I can also see where it may be nice to track multiple variations of a common design in the same project.


Finally, it would be nice if we could automate the job managment process. Mentor doesn't seem to provide an automation server for this process. Have any of you developed your own solution? What are some of the problems and how do you deal with it?