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    DDRx Simulation Wizard : "Missing driver model; unable to simulate"




      I'm simulating a Micron DDR2 Memory linked to a kintex-7 FPGA.


      I get the error message: "Missing driver model; unable to simulate" for all DQ and DQS nets when reading from the memory.


      I do not understand why the wizard can't find the driver model in the DDR2 ibis file because in LineSim, you can actually use it.


      I configured the Wizard with "DQ_FULL_ODT50_800" for ODT model, and "DQ_FULL_800" for non ODT model.


      Is there sthg I forgot?



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          Hello. Did you get an answer to your question? If not, you should open a ticket. However, I had a similar issue with my controller's IBIS model. My controller had a unique model per pin, but the DDR Wizard wants each pin type to have a unique model selector in the controller IBIS file.  So your controller model should have five unique model selectors for the following pin types: Clock, DQS, DQ, DM and ADD/Ctl/Cmd signals, and assign the appropriate model selector names in the pin section. Your Micron IBIS model is probably set up this way already.


          For example, your IBIS model would look something like what is below. All DQ pins use model DQ, all DM pins use model DM, all Addr/Cmd/Ctl use INPUT2, etc.



          | COMPONENT: MT41J512M4HX (78-Ball FBGA, x4, 9mm X 11.5mm)



          [Component]    MT41J512M4HX




          [Pin]          signal_name model_name   R_pin        L_pin        C_pin

          A1             VSS         GND

          A2             VDD         POWER

          A3             NC          NC

          A7             NF          NF_INPUT     279.00m      1.35nH       0.42pF

          A8             VSS         GND

          A9             VDD         POWER

          B1             VSS         GND

          B2             VSSQ        GND

          B3             DQ0         DQ           254.00m      1.10nH       0.38pF

          B7             DM          DM           247.00m      2.19nH       0.37pF

          B8             VSSQ        GND

          B9             VDDQ        POWER

          C1             VDDQ        POWER

          C2             DQ2         DQ           330.00m      1.26nH       0.47pF

          C3             DQS         DQS          263.00m      1.24nH       0.39pF

          C7             DQ1         DQ           244.00m      1.33nH       0.37pF

          C8             DQ3         DQ           340.00m      1.70nH       0.50pF

          D3             DQS#        DQS          244.00m      1.40nH       0.37pF

          E9             VDDQ        POWER

          F1             NC          NC

          F2             VSS         GND

          F3             RAS#        INPUT        208.00m      1.39nH       0.32pF

          F7             CK          CLKIN        234.00m      1.32nH       0.36pF

          F8             VSS         GND

          F9             NC          NC

          G1             ODT         ODT_INPUT    335.00m      2.34nH       0.49pF

          J2             BA0         INPUT2       297.31m      1.704nH      0.319pF


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            same issue for me..pls help..




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              Hi min,


              There were no issues while simulating write cycle, while reading as my memory model is I/O,the tool is considering my model as input, not as output. I had to manually edit my model as output and have to simulate read cycle.