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    Vesys, how to save Revisions?


      Hi, I'm currently working on various Harnesses. And I NEED to save a Revision.

      This would be fine if we could Save As to the new Part Number and then continue from there in the same DB, but I can't.

      Printing to PDF or DXF is not enough.


      We also use Teamcentre for our NX Unigraphics Integration, and I read a past post stating that Integratoin was being worked on:

      http://communities.mentor.com/thread/4373  in January 2011, the last post says :



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      Re: Revision Control

      Hi Jay,

      It's  good to hear from you again.  The plan is to have the  Teamcenter  integration with VeSys 2.0 ready within the next few months,  perhaps  once we have a "demo" version ready we could engage with Oasis  and  organise a webex or something?





      Is there any progress on Teamcentre integration? Or is there a way to  "Save As" so that we can control revisions manually?



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          To do a "Save As" I suggest you export your design and then import back into the same project.  A dialougue box will pop up allowing you to rename the imported design.

          In this way you can create a baseline of your design and save it to your project directory.


          We are also waiting on TeamCenter integration to come to VeSys.  For the mean time we are using the exported design's .xml and saving that as a dataset in TeamCenter.

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            Thanks Brian. Your method worked well. I don't know why the guys at Mentor can't implement a 'Save Revision' or 'Save As' function to do this in a single step.


            I'd like to export the Harness design too, I'll try the "Export  Project" option, but that does not give much granularity for saving different harness versions in the same project.


            Let's hope the Teamcentre integration is still going to happen. I'm reading comments about it from April 2010

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              Please note that VeSys 2.0 integration with Teamcenter was released with 2011.1.  You should contact your account manager for details or for an evaluation of the integration.

              Regarding a "Copy design" action in VeSys 2.0, this is on our roadmap/plans, but I am not able give any firm date for its availability.