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Delete Device Property Instance value when annotate unique

Question asked by julien.schulz on Oct 9, 2012
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When I replace a device with DxDatabook, for example a simple resistor, using this method:

1) Select - right click - load into DxDatabook

2) In DxDatabook, choose a other resistance value, so an other Device

3) Right click - Annotate Unique (all the property of each device are "Annotate" in the DxDatabook Configuaration

4) The selected resistor have now all the new properties, but the Device property used (for example in the partlister or when transfered to Pads Layout) is the "Instance Value", wich is the old value. The new value is the Block Value but it is not used until I right-click on "DEVICE" (in the properties Window) and choose "Delete Instance Value".


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