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    Trouble with colour codes in VeSys 2.0




      I'm new to VeSys and trying to enter my companie's wiring material into the component database.


      Multicore wires are often identified with multiple colours per wire  (as in "white with blue stripe"). However, it does not seem to be possible to capture these colour codes in VeSys, as only a single colour can be selected for each colour code. Also, the colour code field seems to be limited to four characters, which is not enough for colour codes like wh/bu. We often have to deal with large wiring looms containing a blue wire and a blue wire with a stripe of a different colour. It is absolutely necessary to unambigously identify them in the tables on our drawings. I have seen coloured boxes with two different colours separated by a diagonal line. Can VeSys do this?


      Also, when I try to assign colour codes to individual wires in the multicore editor tab, I sometimes get an error message "invalid colour code" although I picked a code defined in the library. I did not find out what causes this.


      Any input is appreciated.

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          You can do this.  Define your colors (White = WH, Blue = BL), then when giving your multicore wires (or standard wires) a color you can give it a stripped code e.g. "WH/BL" ("/" for the stripe).  When I do this I am able to press the "..." and multi-pick which colors are needed.

          Let me know if you have problems doing this,

          Kind Regards,


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            Hi Nuri,


            thank you. I wasn't aware the colour pick dialog would allow me to select muiltiple colours. Depending on which value I select first, I can even choose between wh/bu and bu/wh. The error message I got was probably related to VeSys not liking "/" within a colour code, which perfectly makes sense. The error message could have been more specific, though.


            Best regards,