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LVS passed, PEX generates a wrong Calibreview

Question asked by issccpaper on Oct 12, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2012 by samantha_lizak

Hi, Guys, I have a problem in PEX extraction. LVS is passed without warning or error, however, when PEX extracts RC, some warnings come out as follow:


WARNING: pin not connected for cell ls_3P3_VDD (0) local nn = 2 net num = 1 seed_layer = 16

pin id : 4  path: X4 name: g  type:  4   node: 0


Then I find the Calibreview generated contains some floating nets and pins.For example, there is a label "VDD1P8" in the layout, and a pin "VDD1P8" in the circuit. In .pex.netlist, the VDD1P8 is cut into many section like "VDD1P8_30,VDD1P8_31...."(I wondering why not begins with VDD1P8_0), and connect by many p_caps and p_res. But, VDD1P8 itself is only declared once and connected by nothing. Thus in the Calibreview, VDD1P8 is a floating pin!


Why "VDD1P8_num" doesn't begin with num=0? How can I have a right Calibreview?