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    Searchable PDF output



      To create PDF documents from VeSys with searchable text you must ensure that all VeSys objects (wires, connectors, bunldes etc) within the drawing are using Windows True Type fonts.  Also, the width of these fonts must be whole numbers.  Also, when plotting from AutoCAD please ensure that "True Type Text" is output as text not graphics (default).



      For additional guidelines, please review the attached PDF document.



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          Nuri... I just saw your post after I posted my discussion question about this exact topic.... thanks!!  I haven't dealt too closely with the support site.... but I guess I need to read through the info already posted a little closer.

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            Personally I've found the cgm output to be a little more reliable than trying to get the AutoCAD PDF searchable.  We had problems even when the text was changed to True Type Fonts it wasn't being recognised as text for some reason, we had changed the font widths to 1 as well as setting the text to be exported as text rather than graphics.  Another problem was that the True Type Fonts impacted some of our drawing performance and occassionally when we edit the component by double clicking on the Text for the Component it would bring up the AutoCAD Properties dialog rather than the VeSys Component dialog.



            Our current process is to do the Drawing Release to export all of the cgm files, we then have an auotmated script that picks up all of these cgm's loads them into our publishing tool and then we PDF them.  This has a slight advantage over PDF'ing direct from AutoCAD in that all of the pages are combined into one PDF.



            I'd be interested to hear your feedback on this PDF process direct from AutoCAD and if there are any shortcuts/workarounds you come up with.



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              Whilst I see Sledgehammers response the supported method by Mentor is using method set out by Nuri.;)

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                Whilst I see paul_matthews response what would be the supported method for creating a colored searchable pdf?






                I wasn't trying to suggest that Nuri's process was incorrect because it does work and I have used it on several drawings, although I have occasionally experienced problems when I using that process. I've had situations where the text isn't recognized this could be related to the scaling or rotating of the page, I tried changing the settings and checking the text widths with no success. This is why I highlighted that the cgm route is a possible alternative method because it gets similar results and doesn't rely on getting all of the AutoCAD plot/line font settings correct, although that said it then has its own problems of the user needing a publishing tool capable of handling the cgm files...... and besides I like the cgm's because they have nice colored wires