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Proper synchronization between DxDesigner and Expedition PCB [EE flow]

Question asked by ksielewi on Oct 18, 2012
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I'd like to ask how to properly synchronize schematic and PCB layout in such situation: After the schematic is done I start to design the PCB. First I place components etc., but at some point I want to remove for example a capacitor, because I realize that I don't need it, so I remove the capacitior from the schematic, then I run the "Package" (what options should I use?) in order to assign reference designators again (now I will have lower amount of caps the design). Then I open Expedition PCB and run "Forward annotation" and I get the error: "Error: There were errors. See log file, ForwardAnnotation.txt".


An error from the ForwardAnnotation.txt:


ERROR:  No valid cells were found for Part Number "CAP_CER_NEW".

      Either change the Part Number in the schematic, or edit the Parts DB

      and add an existing cell name, or add a missing cell to the Cell DB.

      Then run Forward Annotate.






What is wrong with the way I tried to synchronize schematic and layout after removing the capacitor?




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