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    DxDatabook behaviour?


      Maybe everything works correct - but a little bit confusing ....

      If we are goint to replace a part with another part with dx databook following things happen:


      This differs how the options in the packager dialogs is set:


      When set to "only extract" or "extract missing ..:"  .... packager will not run correct

      "Update local ...." option does not show the error

      "Rebuild local ...." show above warnings

      "Delete local ...." shows above warnings but repairs them ....


      Part look before annotating with all properties like this:


      after replacing with dxdatabook


      Part Label and Part Name daoes not match !!!!


      Is this a correct behaviour or just a problem of our dxdatabook setup file ?


      Thank you



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          Sorry not an answer as such, just support from fellow users.


          We have the same problem, when replacing parts on DxD Schematics, it does not replace all the properites correctly.


          Using the replace symbol command in DxD, then after packaging only some of the properties have been changed.


          Would like also to know if this is a setting's problem with DxDatabook.


          (We are currently using version EE7.9.1.)

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            This is a problem with instance values versus block values, are you back annotating properties from the PDB in the packager UI? I've reproduced it but can't determine the exact issue, please log this with Customer Support.


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              I'll have to make some assumptions about your configuration to answer specifically, but let me know if I'm on the right track.  Databook is being used to populate the symbol with the Part Number property, amongst other properties.  It is not being used to populate the symbol with the Part Name or the Part Label.  Is that correct?


              Two fixes.

              1) Use Databook to populate the Part Name and the Part Label also. That way, when you "update a part using Databook" (see note below) the Part Name and Part Lable get udated too.

              2) Carefully read the header of your CentLib.prp file. This file controls the transference of properties from the PDB when Place by Device is used or the Packager is run ....an excerpt from CentLib.prp


              !                o) the transfer field indicates that the property should be

              !                  transferred from the component property in the PDB to

              !                  the schematic by Place Device and Packager.  If this field

              !                  is set to 1, the property will be transferred.  If this

              !                  field is set to 0, it will not be transferred.


              By default, the CentLib.prp file is configured to transfer the Part Name and Part Label properties.  If, in your PDB, your Part Number Part Name and Part Label are the same, I would avoid transferring the redundant ones.


              *Note: be mindful when updating parts using Databook. Pay careful attention as to whether you have a "Load" tab open or a "Search" tab open.  The toolbar buttons on the right (near the preview window) will behave differently.  Also, be certain to "Update or Populate" (I forgot) with All properties, not just "Common" ones.


              I hope this helps.  Be prepared for a little "back and forth" and alway try to start with a fresh database or at least a clean schematic when testing modifications.