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    about pads router


      I have Pads 9.3 licensed version and when I am doing hi speed routing and doing setting for restricted lenght it is showing error i.e. You are not licensed to route designs with length rules. These rules will be ignored by batch and interactive routing. So what should I do for that

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          Please go to Help, Installed Options in the Router.  What does it say next to Advanced Rules? If it says Unavailable then you do not have the license required to route with certain rules, including length rules.


          If you need a license for Advanced Rules please contact your PADS Distributor.

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            Thank you for your reply, but when I purchased it my distributor told me that it will come with all the facility like highspeed routing, autorouting and other cam processing files also and after 6 months only I am facing problem. What is use then buying software and you can't work on your requirment.

            Can you provide me the solution on this. Mean while I will try to contact to my distributor.

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              If you had HSD routing within PADS Router for 6 months and now stopped working it could be related to a few different items around licensing and/or hardward setup. Visit Supportnet file out a licensing service request.

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                As per my clients requirment I had used HSD for that job after six months only and that time only I came to know that it is not working. It is not the problem with installtion.

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