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    Compare expedition pcb DRC to valor Vsure checker


      Somebody have a list to compare these both tools expedition (ces,DRC & DFF) and Vsure ?

      Check is cover or not by tools


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          They are different tools and have different usage.  Expeditonpcb DFF is a builtin check for manfacturing but it may be in EOL after Mentor got Valor.




                                                               ExpeditionPCB                                                    Vsure


          Electrical Constraints                 Yes(CES)                                                                 No


          Assembly Check                        Yes but limited(DFF)                                          Excellent( with VPL)


          Gerber/drill validation                DFF Has  has some validation feature              Excellent (a real signoff tool)


          Online DRC Check                     Yes  for Design rules                                          Yes  For manufacturing rules




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            there are a possibility to export the actual constraintes from expedition ( templates clearance,..) to build the ERF rules ?

            or is necessary to redo all manually ?



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              The Valor NPI application is a product model introduction application that has the capability to validate manufacturing constraints based on your supplier capabilities.  The manufacturing constraints are different than design constraint as the product realization process contains steps that are not exactly precise or repeatable.   In fact, I can suggest that having design requirements value separate from manufacturing capabilities is possibly the ideal situation.  Otherwise analysis performed by Valor NPI would be simply validating the design intent without considering manufacturing constraints that impact production yield and delivery.


              An additional reason design applications, such as Expedition, are not providing design constraints is simply the need for more manufacturing process values than are available.  Valor NPI has additional manufacturing analysis that are not covered by design tools and covered in a manner that is truly manufacturing facing.  Therefore the task of considering design requirements from design systems today would only in part fill the need within Valor NPI.


              Therefore the answer to your question is ERF models are required to be created by at first implementing largely the expectations your organization has of your suppliers, that are then modified based on real production requirements as reported back by your suppliers.  If you are using suppliers that also have Valor NPI, then these suppliers could provide their manufacturing ERF files for your organization to take into consideration ahead of releasing a product model into their manufacturing facility.


              I hope this answers your question pertain to ERF creation and management.




              Max Clark

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                Yes thanks,  this answers corresponding of elements I would like to collect

                and help us to take the correct decision.