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Border Symbol Dissappears from list when symbol edited

Question asked by vandel on Oct 27, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by robert_davies

I have been tearing my hair out trying to get basic editing of standard borders to work and reading between the lines on various posts here to achieve my goal.


So far it seems that even though the symbols in Common library appear to have attributes such as Author defined, they really aren't really defined and that another step is needed to add the Author attribute to the standard .prp file using Tools -> Property Definition Editor is required.  Also once that is done there is some combinationation of check boxes that need to be set in the symbol itself to actually get the attribute to be recognized as editable.


There is a post in here entitled  Re: Defining border attributes and border.ini file location


That attempts to address this but falls short of a step by step discussion of what is actually happenign and what must be done to succeed.  This also leaves the reader on their own if they are trying to determine hwo to set and update the @ parameters.


With all that said, The actual question I have is I am able to now change the Author property and display the modified sheet, but the sheet no longer appears in the list of Border possibilities when you try to change Borders and if you change the Border in Settings ->Borders and Zones to something else, there is no way to set it back to the previous setting because it doesn't appear in the lists anymore. Specifically this occurs if you try to remove the MENTOR GRAPHICS text from common.bsheet.1 .  Once this is done and the symbol saved and Tools-> Update Symbols and Tools-> Update Other Objects Done, common:bsheet1 is missing from the possible Borders list ....


If there is an actual step by step tutorial that doesn't gloss over steps or a description of operation that describes the way in which these lists are populated and the way the properties are processed I would be glad to be pointed to it and read it.


If not, then any input into how to get the bsheet.1 back into the borders symbol list would be appreciated.  The symbol still appears in the library when view with Dx DataBook.


Thanks for any help with this.