High speed Multiboard design using Boardsim

Discussion created by sandeep.dattaprasad on Nov 8, 2012
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I have used 'linesim' before for evaluating PCIe and other devices using respective IBIS models. However, for our new project, we have a system where say 'Board 1' has a SOC controller on it and a differetial pair from SOC interfaces with a driver on a test card using test (pogo) pins. We have the gerbers for both the boards (Board 1 and test card). What I'd like to do is- import the gerbers for both the boards in Boardsim, use the IBIS model for the SOC and the driver on the test card and see how the signal quality is on the differential pair. The rate of transfer is about 2Gbps on these diff pairs. Is this do able? If so can you please point me towards any examples or tutorials to accomplish this? I guess this falls under multi-board design evaluation using Boardsim. I have attached a doc with block diagram of the system. Any other ideas or suggestions?


Thanks for your help.