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    Does VeSys support Windows 64-bit ?


      Does VeSys support Windows 64-bit ?

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          Although Mentor Graphics do not officially support 64 bit we did have it working for a time...although the guy that installed it took the 64bit OS off after only a week because he couldn't get drivers for any of his devices that connected to the machine!



          I should point out that this was 18 months ago and it was Windows XP 64 bit and NOT Vista.



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            VeSys will work on Windows XP-64, however it would be utilising a AutoCAD 32-bit edition and Mentor Licensing 32-bit edition both running in an 32-bit emulation mode. 



            There are no current plans to develop VeSys for the relatively new AutoCAD 64-bit edition, which would be necessary to truly support the 64-bit environment. 



            With large 3D mechanical assemblies a 64-bit operating system running 3D M-CAD applications designed for a 64-bit operating systems is very useful because of the additional memory capacity and achievable performance gains, however there would be no huge benefits in running VeSys as a 64-bit application, therefore our plans are only to support it running in 32-bit emulation. 



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              That is a good point on the 64 bit OS with its support for more memory, the largest drawings I have seen for VeSys Harness was 12Mb and VeSys Design was 18 Mb so no 64bit requirements for VeSys !