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LVS BOX problem?

Question asked by omerceylan on Nov 12, 2012
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I have two seperate digital designs. They are LVS match seperately. However, when I combine them, they are not LVS match. LVS sees only one of the designs. In LVS report, cells used in one of the designs are absent. For example there are 1000  DECAP64 cells in total. There are 900 DCAP64 cells in one design, and 100 DCAP64 designs in other design. When I run a LVS on these two designs seperately, there is no problem. But, when I connect these two designs, and run LVS, it sees 900 of DCAP64 cells, but does not see 100 of them. This means it sees one of the designs. I could not figure out problem.


I am using LVS BOX statement for the cells, because the vendor does not supply the backend information of the library.


Do you have any recommendations?


Thank you.