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    Settings Migration Tool etc.


      To All,

      Doing a little research now that we have this capability to quote "migrate settings".

      Being a somewhat newer user of PADS starting at ver 9.x on it seemed possible to just create a settings directory somewhere other than the installed

      folder and have the ini file point to that folder. That I thought would have made it so we do't even really need a migrator?

      However if you change the UserDir to anything but C:\MentorGraphics\9.5PADS\SDD_HOME\Settings the tool will not even launch.

      You can change all the other paths to another location.

      That being said looking at the migration tool instructions it really does not define at all what can and cannot be done

      with respect to all of the settings.

      I am still a little fuzzy on where exactly all of the CAM output is stored? It seems that is a global settign for output unites etc.

      Seems to me that shoyuld be a local to jobv setting so that it comes up that everytime that job gets output again.


      My Question is there a pdf or place I can look that defines exactly where and how all of these type of settings get stored

      and how to maintain them after upgrade and for that matter across the tool itself.




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          Well, I know a couple of the pieces, just because I alway migrate by hand (2005-> 9.1 ->9.3).


          You can define a specific CAM location for a design


          <File><CAM>, select 'CAM Directory' and select 'Create' to define a new location for the Gerber plots.  This sticks with the design.  It shows up in an ASCII export like this:


          CAM_DOC_DIRECTORY C:\projects\...\Gerbers (this is from a PowerPCB5.0 ASCII output, so the format may change for other ASCII versions)



          As I know it, PADS stores your settings in 'default' files:


          default.asc - PCB settings

          default.ccf - PCB color configuration settings

          default.txt - PADS logic settings


          Unfortunately they aren't consistent from version to version, so you can't just copy your settings from 9.1 to the settings folder for 9.3.  You need to go through it line by line.  I use BeyondCompare for that and it goes fairly quickly.



          9.5 looks interesting with the bottom view feature, so I'll try the migrator for the first time when I move to 9.5 (after a service pack or two so I have some confidence in it).

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            Thanks, yes I did get that these settings were stored in these files, Yes I realize we can set where the output goes for CAM and does not need to

            be in a default location, however that is another issue they should just default it to a folder under project or under where ever the pcb fiel is the

            way it is kind of makes things a pain.

            But the settings I am wondering about are the setup for CAM where device setup was done

            to set output units etc seems to be a default or global setting an dnot job specific which it should be.

            I just moved to 9.5 and did not actually use the migrator, I plan on outputting settign file from here for next time though.

            But I have designs that were set up in CAM to be output in metric and now they are English?

            So that is very troubling to have to make sure all the outputs are correct for each job again?

            I would think this being a global setting if I am correct the migrator would not help here.

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              Have you ever used the 'Import' and 'Export' buttons on the 'Define CAM Documents' dialog box?  I typically do an export so I know what parameters the job was created with last time.  This file works in base units though so I'm not sure if that helps or hurts your English/metric uncertainty.


              It still seems odd that you are required to compare the settings between two version of the software to make sure it is still generating the same thing.

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                I have tried it in the past but did not seem of much use to me, maybe it will be now?. That would just be another bit of extra work though we shouldn't have to worry about.

                It did seem that I was seeing different units setup for each job in 9.4 and that they were unique to each design,

                maybe its worth an SR maybe they broke this in 9.5? Because liek I said I have a number of designs I know were set to Metric and a number of other settings

                that are now all defaulting to English & 3.5 output, however the drill chart for fab dwg has remained metric, but of course that was not set under device setup.

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                  Yes, each design has its units recorded internally:


                  UNITS        0              2=Inches 1=Metric 0=Mils


                  Is 9.5 ignoring that?

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                    Appareantly so when bringing a design up in 9.5.

                    Going to open an SR.

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                      To All,

                      Apparently I must have had too much coffee or maybe not enough that day. The unit setting as far as CAM output is concerned

                      cannot be saved local to a design, this is a global setting and always has been. So one would need to change this everytime

                      one needs to output same as last time for a specific design. In a contract service environment that could be a problem, to easy to miss.

                      One could argue the board will still get built, but if you define controlling data/dimensions are one or the other on your fab dwg

                      that could be a problem. I will put a request in Ideas for an enhancement. Seems to me units for output should be contolled

                      at the design level and not system level.


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                        Settings Migration Tool does not work in Version VX.2.4. It does not work in all Versions!!



                        Why does the tool don`t work?

                        I cant migrate Settings between Versions!