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Migrating from older PADS Flow to PADS 9.5

Question asked by rjw1014 on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2012 by thomas_wilkinson

We have recently upgraded our licenses to the PADS FLOW 9.5 PADS ES and all of that seems to be working fine with the new license file. We can access the new app's and create new design files


BUT - we are now having issues trying to open legacy PADS FLOW 2005/ 2007 designs and more specifically - trying to open the older DxDesigner application.


if I try to launch the older PADS 2007 dashboard - with the new license file installed - I get these two errors - but it opens after OK






I understand that we will need to MIGRATE our older legacy designs into the new PADS FLOW 9.5 - but at this point - if I try to open the legacy version of the dashboard



open a project and then try to open a schematic sheet - it gives an error:



What I'm trying to figure out is this?


Can we still run our older legacy versions of the dashboard with the new license file and if not - what do we need to do - so we can temporarily access the older licenses in order to open and acrhive legacy projects to move into PADS 9.5