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    How to update a Project?


      Hi all together,

      is it possible to update a DxDesigner project made in V2007.4 in a newer one, e. g. V 9.3.1? And the PCB Layout too?

      Is this possible or not? That´s the question.


      Kind regards, mario 

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          The answer depends on your flow, if you are talking Expedition 2007.4 to EE 7.9.3 then simply open the design.


          Iif you're talking about PADS or the IND flow then again simply open the project file (dproj) in DxDesigner and it will be migrated.But note that this is not backward compatible so work off a copy and also take notice of log file messages as you do this, you may need to make some adjustments to your environment. It may take one or two attempts to configure your environment exactly as required because you will have to match ATTRIBUTES to the new Properties mechanism in the later versions, see the additional information provided here: