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Hatch Outline errors

Question asked by chotansign on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2012 by chotansign

Hi, I'm a newbie in PADs. Last couple of weaks I'm trying to design a board with two layers. I have a question regarding auto routing and copper pour. I'm gonna copper pour with GND for both top and bottom layers.


Which procedure will be good? Should I-


1. copper pour first and go for auto routing or

2. before going for copper pour I should do the auto rout


If I do the first procedure and "Varify Design" then I'm getting errors for GND connectivity. Errors are something-


Isolated subnets for: GND



*** subnet # 1

HATCH OUTLINE(91.24139,44.58755 L2) C14.2 C13.2



*** subnet # 2

HATCH OUTLINE(87.41409,49.16875 L2) U24.1 .... ..... ....etc.


Errors are showing in followng pic. How can I solve the problem? Kindly let me know please.


And I'm not getting any errors for second procedure after checking the "Varify Design". But I'm getting more connections and vias. I want to minimize these by using first procedure.


Hatch Outline.png