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Microvia/burriedvia creation issue in PADS layout

Question asked by faizan.ul-haq on Nov 19, 2012




I need to make microvias from layers 1-2 and 3-4, also a burried via between layer 2 and 3. How can i do this thing in PADS layout. I read the help documentation and made a 'Drill pairs'  as follows (See also screenshot attached).



Four layer board (TOP, PWR, GNDA,BOTTOM)


Drill pairs setting:

Starting layer      Ending layer     

Top                    PWR

PWR                 gnda

gnda                 bottom


Then i defined the partial microvias in setup>padstack>via from layer 1-2 and 3-4. (See screeshot attached).


Now after all these settings, when i try to route a signal and generate a via, following error starts appearing, and no via is generated.


STANDARD - L1 - Via is not  defined on level specified



Can somebody expalin this.