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    Bare-metal ARM Codebench Lite and C++ exceptions


      Hi all,


      I am using the ARM bare-metal Codebench Lite toolchain on an embedded project. The code is

      written in C++, is multi-threaded and makes use of exceptions. My question is whether

      gcc has support for thread-safe exception-handling. The Codebench Lite version I am using is 2011.09


      Thanks in advance

      Stathis Voukelatos

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          Hello Stathis,


          While GCC does have general support for thread-safe exception-handling, the Sourcery CodeBench bare-metal toolchain is explicitly for designing and creating single-threaded environments.  The -v option shows the thread model:


          $ arm-none-eabi-gcc -v
          Using built-in specs
          Thread model: single
          gcc version 4.7.2 (Sourcery CodeBench 2012.09-85)



          Ricardo Anguiano

          Mentor Graphics