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How to use *.CONNECT with hierarchical names for black-box port propagation in flat LVS?

Question asked by cgelinek on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by dan_liddell
I have an empty SUBCKT for a specific sub-cell in the netlist, featuring its port list. 
At the top level SUBCKT, I added these ports to the .subckt line in order to compare them
with labels I added to the layout at the black-box terminals of the sub-cell.
The sub-cell is instantiated somewhere down the hierarchy, i.e. not in the top-level SUBCKT. I want to use *.CONNECT to create connections between the top-level ports I added and the
ports of the instance of the empty sub-cell like this:
*.CONNECT top_level_port inst1/sub_cell_inst/sub_cell_port I added this line inside the top-level SUBCKT. Therefore, the full path of the sub-cell
would be top/inst1/sub_cell_inst. I also tried to *.CONNECT the nets inside inst1 which connect to the sub_cell_inst, like so:
*.CONNECT top_level_port inst1/net_to_sub_cell_port All these attempts failed, the LVS report keeps showing mis-matching instances like this: output: top_level_port          ** top_level_port ** ** no similar net **            output: inst1/net_to_sub_cell_port Note that I have the LVS SPICE CULL PRIMITIVE SUBCIRCUITS yes line in my SVRF in order to prevent sub_cell being treated as a primitive cell.


Any ideas on why Calibre ignores the *.CONNECT lines? Any pointers would be appreciated.